Vani bean 特大頂級印尼農場直送雲呢拿豆 Premium A+ (19~20cm長)Indonesia Vanilla Bean Premium A+(19~20cm long)



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商品編號: VA001 產地:印尼 級別:Premium A+ 味道:香草醛含量極高,香氣強而天然溫和 水油含量:30~35% 適合用作直接烹調:吉士,蛋糕,雪糕/製作天然雲尼拿香油等 **包本地平郵** 如需訂購50支或以上, 請直接向我們查詢批發價錢 Item No.: VA001 A Grade Indonesia Vanilla Bean(19~20cm long) Place of Origin: Indonesia-West Java Grade: Premium A+ Taste: very high content of vanillin, strong aroma and natural mild Moisture:30~35% Production by: 20-11-2021 (can be stored for 2 years or more) Suitable for direct cooking: custard, cake, ice cream, etc. If you want to order 50 or more, please check the wholesale price directly with us.

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